First of all you need cheap and reliable webhosting. There are several solutions available these days to get website hosting cheap. Companies from all over the world offer extensive service and options for you to create the perfect website or have a place to showcase your work.

They have many plans that can offer you unlimited domains, FTP support, installing of applications, and many other great services that a webmaster could only dream of. Some places will even offer you a discount for choosing a plan that includes more services when comparing for plans that are for low quality work. Sub-domains are often offered to users who don’t have plans or wish to enjoy the benefits on web design and coding through a reputable source but would rather not have any changes made to their bank accounts.

Create A SEO Optimized WebsiteMost of the time, a website can be built and hosted in as little as a few minutes depending on whether or not the web designer has the work done prior to uploading it to the site server or if the web designer decided to type everything up from scratch through a text editor application.

What does IDE mean?

For website coding, there a growing number of online IDE’s that offer the same capability as desktop clients but run right inside the browser. This gives the web designer added peace of mind because they can quickly code a website, save it, and if they already have a site to upload their work to; they can do so through built-in FTP transfers that are normally included in some of the many IDE’s and coding applications that are found on the web today.

In short, IDE’s are basically a technological term used for telling the web designer that the application is capable of coding many types of programming languages and can offer the web designer or SEO consultant the significance of using an online application to build a website. After that you, your web designer or your SEO consultant need to produce great quality content. On Page SEO is one of the most important factors for good rankings. Make sure to have a great title, alt texts, h-tags and good meta tags.


Getting a website host cheap isn’t hard and often times, they are already offered without a need for a plan. Plans are usually comprised of giving extra features, removal of ads and footers, custom domain names, and unlimited storage. Some sites that offer these plans; offer them with the use of unlimited web applications as well, which can be installed onto the server and hosted through your website.